Greenwich Village Comedy Club

Eitan Levine


Eitan Levine is a comedian and writer from New York. He’s written for the New York Times, New York Magazine, Paper Magazine, Amazon, Reader’s Digest, and other content distributors. Eitan has also worked on creative projects with places like Red Bull, Nike, Audible, Sony/Embassy Row, Jeep, TruTV and MSNBC. As a performer, Eitan has been featured at the New South Comedy Festival, Motor City Comedy Fest, New York Comedy Festival, the Colonial Theater, Cleveland Comedy Festival (BEST OF FEST AND WINNER OF THE NATE COCKERILL PERFORMANCE AWARD), Milwaukee Comedy Festival and more! In New York, Eitan is a frequent performer at Stand Up NY, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Carolines, Broadway Comedy Club and others around the city. In 2022, Eitan went VIRAL with his Jewish Man On The Street videos. To date, the video series has over 20 Million views and 3.3 Million likes.


New York Times, New York Magazine, Amazon