Dec 02

2022-12-02 Rage Against On the Road: A One-Woman Show By Christine Stoddard (6:00 pm)

Rage Against On The Road: A One-Woman Show By Christine Stoddard (6:00 Pm)

Main Room
Show 6PM

Ranting, raging…this is a comedic one-woman show about finally giving in and reading Jack Kerouac’s critically acclaimed Beat Generation novel On the Road as a recent divorcée and authoress in her early 30s. What’s so great about it again? Seems like all the wives and girlfriends get a pretty raw deal! And let’s count all the ways you can tell a man wrote the book! You think he packed all those road trip snacks himself?Christine Stoddard is a Salvadoran-American author, artist, and performer based in Brooklyn. She regularly writes, directs, and performs in shows at the Broadway Comedy Club and Greenwich Village Comedy Club. This includes comedy plays like “My Favorite Sex Toy” and “Hashtag Mountain Girl” and co-hosting the funny poetry series Poet Voice Sucks. She wrote/directed the arthouse film Sirena’s Gallery, distributed by Summer House Entertainment, and the award-winning play “Mi Abuela, Queen of Nightmares.” Stoddard has authored several books, such as Water for the Cactus Woman and Desert Fox by the Sea. She is a former Ms. Magazine “Ms. Muse,” a FOLIO Magazine “Top 20 in their 20s” honoree, and a Puffin Foundation grantee. She is the founder of Quail Bell Press & Productions, including Instagram/Twitter: @stoddardsaysQuail Bell Press & Productions is a woman-owned creative studio and the parent of Quail Bell Magazine and various other arts, media & entertainment projects. Founded by Christine Stoddard, Quail Bell is based in Brooklyn, NY. Find out more at

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