Greenwich Village Comedy Club

Alex Barnett


My work focuses on family, specifically my family. As the White, Jewish husband of a Black woman (who converted to Judaism) and the father of a 10-year-old, Biracial son, I examine the challenges of parenting and the issues that confront multiracial families (including the dynamics between members of the same family who are of different races). In this age of increasing number of Multiracial families, my material is very timely, relevant, and (if I may say so myself) very funny. Within the Multiracial Community, I’m active as a performer and advocate. I was a featured performer at the 2012 New Orleans Loving Festival, the 2015 Mixed-Remixed Festival in Los Angeles, and the 2016 Blend Conference at Cornell University. In June 2018, I appeared as a panelist on WNYC’s “Shades of Love: Color, Parenting and Telling Our Kids the Truth about Race” part of its yearlong “The Other Box Project.”